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Tech Cable Labels RWB-50 (Book of 240 Cable Labels) - Product Image

Tech Cable Labels RWB-50 (Book of 240 Cable Labels)


Tech Cable Labels RWB-50

Wire Marker -Vinyl Booklet - RWB-50 12.7 mm W x 31.75 mm L


  • Write-on Area: 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm
  • Labels per Sheet: 24
  • Minimum Wire Size: 4 mm
  • Maximum Wire Size: 6 mm


Write & Tag booklets are available in a convenient 76 mm x 152 mm size booklet and are a great to fit into the technician's pockets. Each booklet contains 10 pages of pre-cut self-laminating markers made of .10 mm thick clear vinyl film, using an acrylic adhesive and mounted on a release liner. You simply write your legend on the white surface, remove the label from the booklet, and wrap it around the cable. The transparent tail laminates over your hand-written text to provide protection and assure readability over time

Easy, in your hands method for marking wire and cable.

Designed to give your wire/cable installations a more professional appearance.

Our Write & Tag book is made of a clear matte flexible vinyl film with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

The white area is designed to be handwritten using a permanent marker or pen.

The clear over-laminate offer protection of your text from handling and environmental exposures.