Why Cable Labels UK

We offer better value for money and our labels are made to a higher standard than our competitors in the UK and we know what we are doing with our products. Cable Labels UK is owned by Network Connections Group USA  a structured cabling installation and design company and over the years and right up to today we still install our very own labels on all of our installation around the world.

Our prices are lower because we do not use distributors and can pass the saving directly to you the customer, our competitors discount 30% to 40% or more to the distribution networks and just pocket the extra money if you buy from them.

Now having installed millions of our own labels around the world, we can stand out by not just saying there are the best cable labels, we can show that we have installed our own products, check out any competitors web-site all the images are photo shopped or taken in a special place. Not Cable Labels UK, our images are real on real cables and nothing we promote has not been used in the real world.

Our new web-based software is FREE with NO sign-up, try to use our competitor’s software without giving away your details to be added to the e-mail list, plus the downloaded windows based software is outdated and just old on ONE Platform.

Our web based printing is growing with new features every month and you can use on any device, Mobile, Tablet, PC, Windows or Mac.